Michigan Contractor License

Michigan Contractor License

If you want to officially work as a builder, handyman, or contractor the state of Michigan requires you to obtain a Michigan Contractor License.

In fact, Michigan offers you several types of licenses. Your license type is mainly based on your project and total cost. Depending on the type of license you will obtain, you need to meet different requirements. Some of the Michigan Contractor Licenses are issued at the local level, and the others are issued at the state level.

So, let’s check the general requirements for the Michigan Contractor License.

Where to Start Your Application

Michigan is one of the many states of the U.S, such as Wisconsin, Georgia, etc. that requires you to have a legal contractor license to work as a contractor, handyman, etc. In fact, you must meet the general requirements of Michigan to apply for a license.

Below you can find what you need the first to apply։

  • First of all, the Michigan Department of Treasury will require you to register your business
  • Secondly, you must determine the total cost of the project you are going to work for. In fact, if the cost of your project is more than $600 you will need the state-level license of either an alteration contractor or a builder․ Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department issues the licenses and supervises all the processes
  • Michigan also requires you to pass training before you can obtain your license. The subjects are a general introduction to the business such as how to make contracts, what is risk management, marketing, and sales in contracting, etc.

General Requirements

As we have mentioned in Michigan licenses are issued at the state or local level. Thus, the requirements can sometimes be different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, some criteria are general for all the applicants։

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Michigan Contractor License
  • During the application process, you will need a driver license valid in Michigan
  • Michigan requires every applicant to complete a training course before getting a license. The length of the course is generally sixty hours.
  • You may be required to take a contractor license exam once you have completed the initial phases of your application.
  • Of course, you will need to pay both the licensure and application fees.

As you have seen Michigan requires you to pass an exam. The exam type. length and cost are different and are based on your type of license. The payment for the exam you will need to pay on your exam day.

To end your application, you will need to make a payment of a $195 fee. You can pay it either by check or money order. The veterans of Michigan generally don’t need to pay any fee to obtain a contractor license.

Michigan Contractor License Types

Michigan offers three types of contractor licenses: builder’s license, maintenance and alteration contractors license, and commercial builder’s license. The main criteria to decide on the type you need are the cost and place of your project.

Michigan Builders License

If you want to work with any construction in Michigan and are planning to work on an apartment, public building, or commercial facility, then you should visit the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to apply for a Michigan Builder License.

The licensing process is quite easy. You need to have a registered business, be at least 18 years old and provide the required documents. Whenever you obtain a Michigan Builder’s License you can legally work with the building, do the repair, replace something or improve its condition.

If you have obtained your builder’s license in Michigan, you will need to operate with electrical, mechanical, and plumbing specialists.

Michigan Maintenance and Alteration Contractors License

When you apply for a Michigan Maintenance and Alteration Contractors License you can undertake one of the following types of contractual work:

You can do carpentry work, Pavement/Cement, Digging Insulation Industry, Handiwork, etc. As a Maintenance and Alteration Contractor, you can as well make swimming polls and turn basements into waterproof ones.

Whether you’re a house builder or a maintenance contractor, you’ll have to go through the same licensing procedures.

Michigan Commercial Builders License

The main difference between a commercial builder license from the others is that you don’t the state-level licensure. Contracting work for you on schools, offices, factories, and other commercial structures will be rigorously regulated by your local government.

Renewing your Michigan builders license

Michigan government has done all the possible to make the licensure and renewing processes as convenient as possible. Thus, you don’t even need to go out to renew your license in Michigan. You can just visit your Accela account and start your renewal process.

Whenever your license is near its expiration day, you will get a letter to your email reminding you you need to renew your license. Generally, you need to renew your Michigan Contractor License every three years. You will also need to provide a continuing education certificate.

The cost of renewing your license will depend on the type of license you have.

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