Michigan Tattoo License

Michigan Tattoo License

If you plan to work as a body artist, you must familiarize yourself with Michigan tattoo license requirements. The process is relatively straightforward. However, like any other sphere closely related to health, including cosmetology or nursing, it’s highly regulated by the local government. Thus, in this blog post, we will outline the steps for getting a permit so that you can confidently start your career!

Main Terminology Explained

Let’s look at some terms related to the sphere before proceeding to the central part of today’s discussion. According to the Public Act 375, the term “body art” refers to tattooing, branding, and/or body piercing. Ear piercing is not included under this. Specialists cannot perform any professional activity outside the place called “body art facility”. The service-providing organization needs to apply for the Michigan tattoo license.

How to Get a License to Tattoo?

Here’s a complete list of requirements for Body Art Facilities. Let’s look at some essential parts concerning the main points.

The profession is closely associated with the health of society. That’s why there are local health departments to control that everything happens within the frames of the rules. Here’s a copy of the inspection report to be ready for the possible examination. Note that the inspection criteria may vary depending on two reasons:

  1. If a person is the owner or operator of a Michigan-licensed organization
  2. If a person is the owner or operator of an out-of-state organization

Fees for Obtaining a Michigan Tattoo License

Public Act 375 also defines the non-refundable fees a facility should pay to get the permit to work in the sphere. According to it, the fees are as follows:

  • If an organization applies before July 1, the document will cost $500.00. Also, don’t forget about the current consumer price index.
  • The document will cost $250.00 if the organization applies on or after July 1. However, there is no current consumer price index here either.
  • In case a facility needs to renew its permit it should pay $500.00 (plus the consumer price index). Note that this amount refers to the instances where the company renews its contract beginning October 1, i.e. the fiscal year.
  • If the renewal takes place after December 1, the price includes an additional $250.00.

Make sure to check governmental websites as local fees may apply.

Employee Requirements

There are several perks of being an ink magician. The best one is that you don’t need an individual document allowing you to work. Still, employers need to hold sterilization training.

All technicians need to be at least 18 years old. Also, each should have disease prevention, control, and first-aid knowledge. The theoretical part is not enough here. Specialists should know how to implement the acquired skills in practice.

Physical Facility Requirements

The building should be clean and comfortable for both employees and clients. There should be separate places for different activities like drawing a sketch, eating, or resting. Note that the law demands to have an autoclave on the premises. The machine is vital for sterilization. All equipment that comes in contact with skin needs to be disposable and sterilized.

Moreover, the working space should be equipped with items necessary for first aid like gloves, bandages, etc. This is for the safety of both visitors and employees. If you follow these steps, getting an official authorization won’t be a problem in this state!

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