Michigan Barber License

Michigan Barber License

Before starting a career in hairstyling, you need to obtain a Michigan barber license. This guide details the steps to take for beginning a career in this promising industry.


You must meet the following standards for working in the field. Namely, one must have

  • At least 17 years of age
  • A good moral character. For this, there is a question that asks the future specialist about the willingness to serve people in a fair and honest manner. If a person has a criminal history, s/he has to be rehabilitated or the previous crime must be not related to the profession.
  • Proper education level. In particular, 10th grade of school or equivalent level of education is necessary.
  • Social security number
  • An honorable character of service in the armed forces if the applicant has previously been in that sphere and left the job under acceptable conditions. In that case, he or she is eligible for a fee waiver.

Complete training

If you meet those terms, your next step should be completing a minimum of an 1800-hour training program. It contains both theoretical (250 hrs) and practical (1750 hrs) parts.

The theory includes the history of the profession, sanitation and safety issues, haircut and shaving, work with chemical products. Also, business management skills, state laws, and regulations, etc are taught.

The practical part teaches how to cut, style, shave, shampoo, wave, color hair, and care for skin and scalp. In addition, business ethics, merchandising or promoting their work, bookkeeping, and sanitation problems are covered in this section.

Apply for licensure

After graduating from this course, submit an application online to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. For that, just fill in all the fields and provide all the docs that they require. After that, the department would approve or disapprove your eligibility. The processing cost is $80.

Keep in mind that paperwork is no longer accepted after the covid19.

Pass the exams

Your next action should be taking and passing an examination. For that, register with the state testing vendor which is the PSI Services. At the same time, be sure to get familiar with the Candidate information bulletin. There every aspect of the process is explained in detail. For example, because of social distancing, you have to perform the tasks by using a mannequin instead of a real person.

In the first place, the candidate ought to register and schedule the test after getting the eligibility notice. In a similar fashion, later you can cancel or reschedule it at a proper time. After all, take both portions of the test: theory – on the computer and practice – on the model. They are likely to last 120 and 170 minutes respectively. All in all, within a minimum of 7 business days you shall receive your grades. At least 75% of the score is acceptable. At this point, you may start your activity in the sphere of barbering.

Renew your certificate

You can renew your stylist credentials biannually. In other words, the renewal cycle is two years. The Board shall send you a mail-notice 30-44 days before the expiration date. After this notification, it is necessary to submit the renewal form and pay the processing fee of $60. After this point, they will send you the legal document for your qualification.

Transfer your qualifications

Unlike Hawaii, there is a reciprocity law here. To rephrase, if an individual has credentials from another state, he or she may bypass the previous steps. The past experience will qualify any professional for a permit in MI, too. The specialist just has to fill in a reciprocity request form and do the payment of $80. Besides, s/he has to provide a copy of the current credentials.

Verify your permit

The Board of Examiners verifies them. You just need to request the verification through the MiPlus system and pay $15 for each address listed.


For assistance with applying contact 517-241-0199.

Also, get in touch with the PSI website or call 855-579-4635 if you have questions about the examinations.

For help just write at [email protected]

Send docs at [email protected]

Phone: (517) 241-9288

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